Rental Accomodations

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Inclusive Facility Rental: Our facility offers multiple firing ranges which enables us to facilitate high angle firing, engagements over bodies of water, multiple stalking lanes, target engagements up to 2000 meters, aerial platform engagements and much more. Given the large operational area, our range can support every rifle caliber up to .50 cal. For our military, law enforcement and private security personnel we can facilitate annual weapon qualifications and support training to meet organizational collective training tasks for individuals as well as up to the company level. Our cadre can develop custom courses to support your unit’s needs. Given our recent military service, our skill sets and knowledge support current operational tactics and techniques.

The rental includes movement/training throughout entire facility. Moses, Blizzard, High Angle, Cougar Pointe, Hudu and Crown Creek ranges. Moving target systems, multiple style steel targets out to 1600m. Two graveled air fields that can accommodate STOL A/C and multiple HLZ’s throughout the facility for rotary wing aircraft. Multiple bodies of water to include beach access to the Columbia River and Lake Roosevelt.

Moses Range Rental:

Moving target systems, multiple style steel targets out to 1600m. Range house for classes/instruction and engagements from an interior concealed position. High angle engagements out to 800m at a 40-degree angle.


Additional Charges:

  • Mil/LE Meals: Meets Government per diem rates for Kettle Falls, WA.
  • Lodging: 91.00+ WA State tax 
  • Meals: 51.00
  • Market rate on ammo
  • Horse Rental: 225.00
  • Guided Hunts: 690.00 Per Day

Please note that there is a 3% processing fee will be added for use of credit cards!

The facility includes: acreage in the beautiful Pacific Northeast of Washington state with mountainous wooded terrain with multiple bodies of water to include creeks lakes and the Columbia River. Three shooting ranges with vehicle target engagements, multiple type steel targets, long range and high angle (up to 40° angle) engagements. We can also provide equine mobility platforms for training. The facility has a 35-min flight time to a Level 2 trauma center and 6 min flight time to a Level 4 trauma center. Your safety is of utmost important to us, and mentioning this is just a safety precaution.

Bunkhouse available for up to 20 pax, including showers, bathrooms, washer and dryer, refrigerator and microwave.

3-12mph moving targets in 100m intervals out to 400m

SDZs approved up to 50 cal