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SFC Kyle Kowalski

Our owner and instructor compliments the long-range engagements with real life close quarters combat engagements. Instructor Kyle Kowalski’s combat engagements although distance wise are relatively short in relation to sniper engagements were highly stressful and required instantaneous target acquisition as well as superb shooting fundamentals as most shots were from a standing unsupported position. Kyle Kowalski was a U.S. Army Ranger Canine Handler and trainer who deployed five times to support the Global War on Terror in combat. As a Special Operations canine handler SFC Kyle Kowalski lead assault forces into battle with his Canine Spike as his primary weapon system while conducting route clearance for enemy ambushes and IED’s. As the leading element, far in front of the assault force he relied on his canine’s senses as a first line warning system to asses potentially hazardous situations. During his time as a canine handler he had multiple engagements that required pin point accuracy to ensure not to hit his furry teammate.


  • 9 years of service in the U.S. Army Infantry (5 years assigned to Canine Section).
  • 8 Years Served in Special Operations under the 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. 1 year at officer candidate school as the headquarters company trainer.
  • Graduate of numerous canine handler, trainer and behavioral schools to include combat employment.
  • 3 Combat Deployments as a special operations canine team leader and canine section leader.
  • Deployed 5 times to Afghanistan as a U.S. Army Ranger.
  • 23 months deployed to a combat zone.
  • Awarded Commendations for Valor as a Team Leader while under direct enemy fire in the Global War on Terror.