Law Enforcement Advanced Sniper Course

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In today’s operations, the Sniper/Designated Marksman is faced with a variety of target exposures with many of these threats being dynamic during field operations. At Austere Precision, we believe as Snipers/designated marksman’s, it is our job to prepare for these various target exposures through replicating scenarios the officer may encounter. The Advanced Law Enforcement Sniper Course will focus on creating a diversified LE Sniper who can enhance the effectiveness of himself and his unit by learning to engage targets from high angles, rural stalking positions, moving targets, and much more all while replicating operational conditions. Our Instructors will go in depth on real life combat marksmanship experiences and prepare the LE Officer for future sniper employments. This course consists of 40 hours of instruction via class room and range time. 

Course Outline:

  • Optimal rifle setup (Optic mounting, rifle Cant effects, Cosine indicator employment)
  • Moving target engagement techniques (3, 6, 9 MPH maneuvering targets at variable ranges)
  • High angle range (Uphill/downhill targets with 40 degrees out to 800m exposures, angle position building, accounting for angle effects on bullet strike using indicators and formulas)
  • Rapid Engagement Techniques (Unknown distance drills and Snap targets)
  • Rural Hide site employment (rural stalk, HVI/Hostage scenarios, Concealment techniques, Final Firing Position considerations)
  • Applied Ballistics software and weather meter application (AB Kestrel use and manipulation)
  • Loophole target engagements
  • Muzzle velocity Truing
  • External and terminal ballistic considerations (Environmental factors, Glass/ obstacle terminal effects)
  • Sniper team communication (Shooter spotter verbiage and rapid target identification)  
  • Wind reading instruction/ techniques
  • Sniper Employment Zones for various target speeds, ranges, and target exposures.
  • Alternate position engagements
  • Operational Sniper Field Training Exercises (replicated historic engagements/Scenarios)
  • Sniper employment considerations (Use of deadly force briefing)

  • Course After Action Review:

  • Greatly enhance sniper’s employment effectiveness by increasing target hit percentages and decreasing collateral damage possibilities during replicated hostile target sniper deployments.
  • Increase Moving target engagement hits on 3, 6, 9 mph targets by 50% or greater
  • Identify wind speeds within 1-3mph from 0-20mph speeds (at 1000m with the Remington 700 .308 SWS the shooter increases hit percentage from reading wind within 5mph to 1mph by 40%)
  • Implement Applied Ballistics software to identify firing solutions and environmental factors
  • Avoid detection while deploying precision fires on threat targets under observation
  • Account for High angle engagements increasing angle fire shooting by 33% or greater
  • Build and improvise firing positions that increase alternate position engagement stability
  • Apply firing solutions through various obstacle loopholes at targets out to 1000m
  • Make calculated employment considerations for different target exposures in replicated historic scenarios (Sniper employment Zones)

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