LEO Advanced Sniper Course All Inclusive Package

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In today’s operations, the Sniper/Designated Marksman is faced with a variety of target exposures with many of these threats being dynamic during field operations. At Austere Precision, we believe as Snipers/Designated Marksman’s, it is our job to prepare for these various target exposures through replicating scenarios the officer may encounter. The Advanced Law Enforcement Sniper Course will focus on creating a diversified LE Sniper who can enhance the effectiveness of himself and his unit by learning to engage targets from high angles, rural stalking positions, moving targets, and much more all while replicating operational conditions. Our Instructors will go in depth on real life combat marksmanship experiences and prepare the LE Officer for future sniper employments. This course consists of 40 hours of instruction via class room and range time.

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